Introducing Open Matters: The Setfords Podcast

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Setfords is excited to announce the launch of a brand new podcast series, “Open Matters”.

The podcast is designed to share information and introduce our remote working lawyers and employees to each other in a format that offers some respite from overloaded email inboxes and screen fatigue.

The listen ‘where-you-want/when-you-want’ 10-episode first series is a mix of interviews and company news and updates.  For some light relief, guests are invited to take part in a game of ‘What’s in Your Backpack?’ to reveal the must-have items needed when working remotely.

Podcast host Eric Woollard-White, who is also Director of Communications and PR at Setfords, said:

“Our branding says ‘Setfords – Law for people by people’ and so we challenged ourselves to find a way to reveal more about who we are as people both within the company, and to a wider audience.

“We felt the popular podcast format was the perfect way to do this, given it is highly accessible across multiple platforms and devices and it is a very personal way to communicate.  We also checked out other legal podcasts and wanted to do something different.

“WWithin a chatty mix of discussions we cover a wide range of topics that reveal the people behind our nationwide legal services business. We discuss the law and specific legal practice areas, but a regular round of ‘What’s in Your Backpack’ allows us to take a pause and add something fun.”

He added:

“With more than 450 remote working lawyers nationwide, we wanted to get smarter with our communications, and making the podcast openly available is a way of shining a light on what makes us different from a traditional law firm.”

Episode 1 of “Open Matters: The Setfords Podcast,” entitled “The AI Edition,” is now live, with future episodes dropping fortnightly. It is available on all major podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Beyond internal communications within the law firm, the team producing “Open Matters” is already working on several special episodes designed to demystify complex legal topics for people searching for legal help.

Listen to Open Matters:

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