Media and IP lawyer Julian Wilkins tells Broadcast magazine how Brexit could affect our TV and film industry

Setfords media and IP lawyer Julian Wilkins has told how Brexit could lead to a drop in funding for television and film but also help reshape laws to attract production, in an article written for trade magazine Broadcast.

Julian also said that the practicalities of filming in Europe could become much more challenging, with the movement of people and equipment potentially becoming more restricted.

Julian added: “Without the necessary agreements with the EU or perhaps membership of the European Economic Area, the UK would be subject to tariffs and quotas. No longer could a EU country take unlimited tariff-free content from the UK. Suddenly, the UK as a place of production could seem quite unappealing to our friends in the US.”

But Julian said there could also be positives to leaving the EU.

He said: “Post-Brexit, the UK would be free to innovate to become more attractive to producers. While the EU is proposing a one-cap-fits-all Digital Single Market (regulations designed around IP and licensing of IP rights) the UK could go further to improve these laws and thereby make the country even more appealing for production.”

For anyone with a subscription to Broadcast, a link to the article can be found below.

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