Setfords on target for record year in consultant lawyer recruitment

Boardroom - Setfords London

Setfords Solicitors is expected to recruit a record number of consultant lawyers this year, with the opening of new offices and an increase in profile continuing to attract talent.

The national firm, which celebrates its 10 year anniversary in November, has seen 30 lawyers contracted since January, with at least another 33 expected to sign-up before the end of the year.

The firm currently has over 170 lawyers and expects to  break 200 by the end of December.

Setfords opened offices on Chancery Lane in London earlier this year under the name Setfords London and has recruited lawyers from across the industry in multiple disciplines.

CEO Chris Setford said: “We are in advanced talks with three dozen other lawyers, all of whom we expect to sign with us before the year is out.

“The investment we have made in the firm, particularly this year, continues to draw dividends, with an ever-growing number of lawyers wanting to join a firm where they know they will get the best support in the industry to enable them to do their best work.”

CEO Guy Setford said: “From lawyers with 30 years’ experience working in the City, to up-and-coming lawyers with high-profile clients, we have been inundated by some of the best in the industry looking for a better way of working.

“These lawyers are already making an impact across many areas of law and we look forward to seeing what more they will achieve with our support.”

Setfords has enjoyed a notable increase in profile this year after employing a PR consultancy. The firm’s lawyers have appeared regularly in the trade, national and business press, from The Guardian to The Law Society Gazette.

Increased investment has also been made in creating content. Blogs, thought leadership articles and analysis have regularly been posted, and a recent advert targeting would-be consultant lawyers has been viewed over 59,000 times across social media.

Chris added: “After 10 years of honing our way of working we have invested heavily this year in ensuring as many lawyers as possible know about Setfords and how we operate.

“We really do have something to shout about and, as has been proven by the reaction we have had to getting our message out, there are plenty of lawyers out there wanting to enjoy a way of working that is more rewarding, in every aspect of their lives.”

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