Setfords tackles pay gap for women in the legal industry by releasing new advert with woman in title role

Setfords Solicitors has today released a second version of its advert targeting would-be consultant lawyers, this time featuring a woman in the title role, to highlight that women can enjoy equal rewards as men if they work on a fee-share basis.

Latest research by the Law Society shows men earn up to £60,000 more than women working at partner level, based on over 400 law firms surveyed.

But at Setfords, where consultants are self-employed, working under the umbrella of Setfords, such issues do not apply as each individual lawyer is in charge of their own future and what they earn.

CEO Chris Setford said: “Working as a consultant offers women the same opportunities as men whether they have continued to work full-time throughout their careers, work part-time, or have taken a career break to raise children.  This is why when we shot our recruitment advert we shot two versions: one with a man in the lead role and one with the woman taking the lead.

“If you work as a consultant the earning opportunities are exactly the same for men as they are for women because you control how much you earn, no one else.”

In the original version of the 55-second advert, which has been viewed 63,000 times on Facebook, Stephen Harakis is seen playing the role of the lawyer at his beach house, with his wife, played by Rachel Heaton, seen on the beach with their daughter.

But in the latest version the roles are reversed with Rachel Heaton playing the lawyer with Stephen Harakis seen on the beach.

CEO Guy Setford said: “From the very beginning it was our intention to highlight that working as a consultant offers everyone the same opportunities, man or woman, young or old.

“If you have the ability to find clients and an entrepreneurial spirit there is nothing stopping you from enjoying a better way of working that benefits yourself, your clients and your family. The flexibility and ability to control your earnings is very appealing. Which is no doubt why more than half of our consultant lawyers are women.”

The advert titled “Living the Dream” features a lawyer living a “dream” life at their seaside home, revealing the rewards lawyers can enjoy if they work as consultants. The lawyer later wakes up in an office to discover it was, in fact, just a dream. But as the advert points out, it doesn’t have to be.

Both versions have been narrated by Nick Brimble, who played Little John in the 1990s blockbuster Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which starred Kevin Costner.

The advert is part of a cross-promotional campaign that also saw full-page adverts designed to look like film posters appearing in both The Lawyer and The Law Society Gazette.

The advert comes after the release of a series of blogs by Chris Setford about the benefits of working as a consultant lawyer at Setfords. A new series of Day in the Life blogs is now running telling the real-life stories of consultants at Setfords.

Chris added: “Our hope is that more and more women realise that there is a better way of working within the law industry.”

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